The usage of Lift door checks take place in the lift industry. They will install in cases, where Lift doors must snap shut damped and quitly. A combined Damp-traction-mechanism realize the challenge. The closing speed is adjustable provided by the customer. Aditech Lift door closer are made for lift rotor doors with a maximum weight of 100kg.

The closing force dependent on the according to usage between 15 and 80 Newton. The marking of the spring force is located at the cylinder bottom.

  • Without point = normal spring
  • One point = light spring
  • Two points = heavy spring

The closing speed is adjustable afterwards by an Allen wrench. The adjustment of Lift door closer with Internal pistol regulation be made by spin the adjusting screw.

By usage of special oils, temperature rages between -30 and +90°C can be cover. The Lift door checks can be delivered with flame-resistant hydraulic fluid or with biodegradable oils.

The Aditech Lift door closer are available with or without final latch. The Lift door checks can also equiped with a metal sliding bush. Furthermore you can obtain a fit entry curve to every Standard door closer. We suggest the ADITECH torsion spring as conveyor or the installation conveyor 18/28.

Important: It’s absolutely important to pay attention on the fact, that the piston rod never may damaged mechanical, thermally or chemical.