ADITECH-dampers are used everywhere, where movements be controlled or damped. The load range moves between 20-20000 Newton. The stroke of the piston rod is adapted to the required demands.

Calculation of Damper:

2 x stroke + 100 = length

Functional characteristic:

  • automatically extending piston rod (a)
  • progressive damping characteristics
  • extract rod with magnetic
  • anti-lock braking system
  • tooth adjustment

Kind of adjustment:

  1. TA = progressive adjustment in the specified load range by sprocket adjustment
  2. Normal regulation by adjusting the screw in the piston rod

Various range of use:

  • Elevator technology
  • Gate and door drives
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Materials handling technology (transport belts)
  • Medical sector (rehabilitation equipment)
  • For sports equipment
  • Whiteware (e.g. washing mashine, tumbler)

Special constructions for your special application on request.
Finish: galvanized (on request other types of corrosion protection)

IMPORTANT: It is essential to make sure that the piston rod isn’t damaged mechanically, thermally or chemically!