Assembly instructions

The body door closers are usually mounted in the middle of the door. The installation is normally vertical. If a horizontal mounting is desired, please indicate this separately.

First remove the bolt X and fold the damping cylinder upwards. On the door leaf, mark the housing in one of the oblong holes and fasten the door damper first with a screw. The upper edge of the housing should protrude approx. 1 mm above the edge of the door. Then fix the door damper with all other screws. Then fold down the damping cylinder and secure it to the housing with the supplied pin and the lock washer. Now fasten the inlet curve to the door frame so that the rubber roller can run approx. 1 mm below the leading edge of the inlet curve when the lever is folded down.

Different levels of run-in make up for the difference between the existing, the same, or the previous door.