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Door return spring unit Print

Door return spring unit

D2 / D4
Chain-type closing unit

ADITECH return springs are particularly used when doors shall be closed automatically at low cost. By means of a connecting chain the return spring can be pretensioned to a greater or lesser extent according to the customer’s requirements. As the closing force considerably depends on the selection of the door hinges, the exact data for this can only be reference values. In principle, ADITECH return springs are suitable for all kinds of doors. They are maintenance-free, but an occasional lubrication of the moving parts improves their efficiency and durability.

Torsion spring
In addition to the door dampers, we offer the ADITECH torsion spring. It represents the simplest and most uncomplicated possibility to equip a revolving door with a closing mechanism. The torsion springs are predominantly used with doors having internally fitting hinges. The torsion spring consists of a spring pack with several high-quality spring leaves which are screwed together with four screws each.  For silencing, the torsion spring is mantled with an elastic plastic hose.



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