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Door locks - Fix 115 und 110 Print

Used for doors, side-hung type, ceiling-hung sliding doors, overhead garage doors (up and over), storage room doors, etc..

Operation and features
Fix 115 lockable with Europe-profile cylinder, Fix 110 lockable with scandinavian oval cylinder of standard type. The lock is poerated with key or handle. Can be locked with cylinder from outside/inside, or both. Stroke 50 mm. Available in right and left version.

a) Lock housing.
b) Spacer ring, for mounting of cylinder/handle on the insinde.
c) Spacer plate, for mounting of cylinder on the outside (not included)
d) Receiver (not included).

Lock housing and bolt of galvanized steel, with rower of zamak. Spacer ring of acetal plastic. Spacer plate of zinc-aluminium.

Can be mounted according to figure below, depending on desired key/handle movement. Mounting instructions on the package.

Receiver Fix 5419, 5420. Spacer plate Fix C503 (1-5 Pieces depending on door thickness, see table below).

Door thickness, mm
C503, Pieces
 0-37 1
 38-49 2
 50-61 3
 62-73 4
 74-86 5

Lock housing: no.10 (5,0 mm) TKX/DIN 7996, Receiver Fix 5419 no.10 (5,0 mm)
TKX/DIN 7996, Fix 5420 no.7 (3,8 mm) TFX/DIN 7997 and Fix 923 no.6 (3,5 mm) TKX/DIN 7996

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