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Door holders Fix 270 and 271 Print

Used for keeping doors in a fully open position, approx. 90 degrees. Max door weight 125 kg.

Fix 270
For door width 800 - 1100 mm. Fits both right- and left-hung door (decided when mounting)

Fix 271
For door width 1100 - 1300 mm.
For right- and left-hung door.

Operation and features

In fully open position (approx. 90 degrees), the catch automatically falls into a locking position and keeps the door in position. When the door is pushed further towards the open position, the catch is released so the door can be closed. The stop spring also works as a shock absorber and thereby reduces wear on door and hinges.


a) Frame fixture with stopper arm and stretcher.
b) Door rail.
c) Catch.

Steel, galvanized or galvanized and powder painted white.

Surface mounting. Mounting instructions and screw in the package.

 >> Video on the mode of operation <<


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