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The structure door normally open contacts are usually installed in the door center. The installation takes place normally perpendicularly. If a horizontal assembly is desired, then we ask to indicate you this separately. Remove first for the pins X and fold the absorption cylinder upward. Mark on the door leaf the housing in one of the long holes and fasten you the door absorber first with a screw. The upper edge of the housing is to stand out approx. 1 mm over the door edge. Fasten then the door absorber with all remaining screws. Fold afterwards the absorption cylinder downward and fasten you it to the housing by the pin provided and the lock washer. Fasten now the intake curve in such a way to the door frame that the rubber role can travel through with turned down lever approx. 1 mm under the front edge of the intake curve. Differently high intake curves adjust the difference between resting upon, equivalent or past door.

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