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Ventilation stays Fix 85 / 86 Print

Ventilation stays Fix 85 und 86

Fix 85 for inward-opening windows with lipped over sash (also for outward-opening with frame depth less than 32 mm).
Fix 86 for outward-opening windows.

Operation and features
The sash is held in fixed airing positions as the rod and the teeth of the arm catch/frame fixture grip each other. Fits both right and left as the arm catch/frame fixture ca be rotated.

a) Arm with fixture
b) Sash fixture and arm catch
c) Frame fixture (for Fix 86)

Mounted according to instructions below (for Fix 85)
Srew Nr. 6 (3,5mm) TKFX / DIN 7995
Acetal plastic in white or brown.


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