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Damper program "ZDH"
(double-sided damper stroke)
Aditech dampers are applicable in fields in which motion sequences shall be controlled or absorbed. Their load range is between 20 and 20,000 Newton. All installation dimensions, including length of stroke, are type specific or adapted to the necessary requirements. With different traverse paths and speeds each side can be separately controlled within its damping force.

Functional features:
• Progressive damping: increase in damping force with increasing traverse path
• ABS: A special nozzle mechanism prevents the blocking in case of an extremely affecting load speed.
• FIF : Automatically extending plunger due to double-sided spring reset
• F/S : To one side automatically extending plunger due to spring reset which pushed the opposite side out during retraction. The insertion is realized due to the forces to be absorbed.
• S/S : Due to the insertion of the damping side an automatic pushing out of the opposite side is effected and vice versa.
• Kinds of control:      
1. ZR=infinite adjustment within the stated load range by means of toothed rim regulation
2. IK= normal regulation by means of adjustment of the screw in the plunger

Various fields of application:
-Lift / elevator technique
-Gate and door drives
-Engineering and tool building
-Conveyor technique
-Field of medicine
-Sports equipment
-Windows (winter gardens)

Special designs for your specific field of application are possible on enquiry.
Surface design: zinc-plated (other kinds of corrosion protection possible)

Please pay special attention to the fact that the plunger is not damaged mechanically, thermally or chemically!
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