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Aditech lift door checks can be fitted anywhere where the fall of lift doors should be steamed and at the same time must be followed by a quiet close. This requirement is implemented by a combined steaming train mechanism. The closing speed is adjustable by the custumer. Aditech lift door checks, intended for use on lift - swing doors weighing up to 100 kg.

The clamping force is between 15 and 80 Newton depending on the use. The marking of the strength of the spring takes place at the bottom of the cylinder.
No point = normal spring
A point = light spring
Two points = strong spring

The rate of closure with all lift door checks with help a hexagon pin key by turning the piston rod be changed subsequently. In all lift door checks with internal piston regulation is the setting turning through the regulating screw. By using special oils, temperature ranges can be covered from - 30 up to + 90 ° C. Special request ADITECH - can be supplied on lift door checks with flame-retardant hydraulic fluid, as well as with bio-degradable oils. Aditech - lift door checks are depending on the type of cushioning, progressiv-with or without end strike available. In addition, all lift door checks with a special metal sliding Jack can be equipped.

IMPORTANT: It is essential to make sure that the piston is not mechanically, thermally or chemically damaged!
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