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Lift Star – a solution based on practical experience

Aditech, the leader in automatic single-point lubrication systems, developed the Lift Star (Elevator Service Kit), a complete retrofit package for all popular elevators.  With this easy to use service kit, your service crew can save a great deal of time during installation. Lubricant cartridges (LC-units) can be exchanged quickly without any tools.

Elevator Service Kit
The globally tested and proven Lift STAr is part of the ELS. It works independent of temperature and guarantees permanent, clean, and efficient lubrication of guide rails for up to 12 months. Lift Star eliminates oil contaminated elevator equipment and annoying noises, vibration and malfunctions caused by insuffi cient lubrication. 

ELS content:

4 x  Lift Star rail oiler (No. 1)
4 x  Lift Star support adapter with oil throttle (No. 2)
4 x  Lift Star-unit M120 filled with lubrication oil (No. 3)
4 x  Lift Star drive unit (No. 4)
4 x Lift Star battery set (No. 5)
1 x  oil bottle 100 ml filled with lubrication oil (not shown)
4 pcs of high performance lubrication inserts are included for flat tracks (5 mm, 9 mm, 16 mm width).

Easy installation
You can mount Lift Star Basic with the included M8 square nut or via the existing oblong holes.  Aditech also offers a range of pecial mounting angles and fasteners for simple, easy, and professional installation.

Elevator Service Kit

with Lift Star

with Lift Star

Automatic lubrication of guide rails for up to 12 monthsNo more time required for manual lubrication of guide rails – service can be carried out much quicker
No unscheduled service work because of noise development
High customer satisfaction, cost savings, better personnel planning
Decreases soiling of the equipment with minimal lubrication
Saves cleaning costs and increases environmental   protection
Simple installation and quick exchange of LC-units (lubricant  cartridges) without any tools.Fast exchange during regular inspection possible more elevators can be serviced with the same number of employees.



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