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From the beginning in 1992 was our credo to create a strong and effective technology.

Today, ADITECH has its own production. It is located in Thuringia, in the heart of Germany.
With experience and technical expertise, ADITECH pushes trade with Europe and overseas.
Main focus is the production and distribution of Doorcloser and hydraulic dampers.
In our product range we have also elevator accessories and gas springs.

The pace of product development goes hand in hand with the social requirements of today. So, expert technicians deal daily with the improvement or renewal of the products.

Each product before its delivery must be controlled to meet the requirements and customer requests. This means more quality.
Door closers are manufactured in Streufdorf. Door closers are made from a single source of the materials up to the finished product in the Streufdorfer Factory under constant control.

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